Six lions killed by herders in Kenya, including iconic 19-year-old male

Kenyan herders killed six lions on Saturday after the pride attacked 11 goats and a dog the previous night, according to wildlife officials. This incident highlights the ongoing conflict between humans and wildlife in the country. The killings occurred shortly after herders speared what was believed to be the world's oldest lion in the wild when it ventured into a livestock pen near Amboseli National Park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) reported that a total of 10 lions have been killed in the Amboseli since the previous week. In response, KWS officials held discussions with the local community to address the issue and explore ways to minimize human-wildlife conflict. The aim is to develop early warning systems to alert communities about wildlife presence in their vicinity and find lasting solutions that protect both human lives and wildlife.

Instances of wildlife encroaching on human settlements have become more frequent in Kenya due to urban expansion into traditional migration and hunting grounds. For instance, in July 2021, a lion caused panic when it strayed from Nairobi National Park into a densely populated neighborhood during rush hour. Such incidents highlight the challenges of coexistence between humans and wildlife in a rapidly developing country.

Kenya is home to approximately 2,500 lions, according to the country's first-ever national wildlife census conducted in 2021. Efforts to mitigate human-wildlife conflict are crucial to safeguarding these majestic while ensuring the safety and well-being of local communities.

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